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As said earlier "Haagse Hondjes" is a dog walking service. Nothing special, you may think. The difference, and the main thing that makes us special in comparison to our colleagues is our unique individual approach.

In contrast to the usual way of working, which is common in our business, we don't walk your dog in a group together with other unfamiliar dogs, but every dog, including yours, will be walked with individual instead.

Because we presume you love to make long walks with your best friend yourself is our service pinpointed to those people who, because of work or other circumstances during the week or eventually in the weekends, are unable to walk on time with their dogs themselves.

Our approach, explained in short, goes as follows: we walk your dog, on the times and days you are unable to, in his own familiar surrounding for at least fifteen minutes per walk.

After we've checked that your dog has peacefully fulfilled all his necessary needs, we bring him safely back to your home and note exactly on your 'walking-card' what your dog did during his walk.

It's also possible, if you want us to, that we go walk your dog twice a day. Because we don't go walking with your dog for hours we are able to bring you this service against a very competitive price.

Because we walk every dog individually and in principal always leashed we are able to offer this service for almost every kind and type of dog.

So it doesn't matter if your dog is dominant or shy against his fellow congeners, is in heat, very young or already being a bit older instead, just to name a few examples.

Every dog gets during his walk the total attention from his fixed companion and will be approached on his own, with your beforehand discussed, manner.  
Besides our walking service it's also possible to hire us as a dog sitter during the evening hours.

In the case your dog has problems with staying home alone, and you unexpectedly have to go away or because of other circumstances you aren't able to find someone at short notice who can take care of your dog, are we able to offer you outcome.

Besides walking dogs are we excellently in state, and enjoy, to take care for your cat(s) during your vacation or weekend out.

Our daily care at home exists among other: giving attention, playing, cuddle, eventually brushing or combing, giving food and cleaning the litter box. You can find more info on www.HaagseKatjes.Com.

The care for your mail and houseplants is included within the price and as always we bring you this service against our very sharp and competitive rates.

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