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Because we understand you won't give the care of your precious possession to any stranger that comes along, is one of the reasons we come to meet you and your dog in advance, without any costs and obligations of course.

In the case it mutual clicks and you decide to start make use of our services we fill out a short questionnaire together which concerns the specific properties of your dog.

Besides that we will explain exactly how everything will work and further discuss with you on which times and days your dog will be walked by us. After that we will also make a short test-walk with your dog to let him start getting familiar with us and to observe how your dog is behaving outside.

Because we want to present our services transparent and as clear as possible, you can read our general conditions right here.

Liability - According to Dutch law the owner of a dog is personally liable for its actions and stays this even when his dog is under supervision of someone else. Of course we are in the possession of a company-insurance but this does not take away the fact we can't be held liable for damages that your dog can cause. We strongly advice you to check if your dog is insured with your own liability insurance.

Canceling - Of course it can happen that you want to cancel an already made appointment with us. If you do this at least one day in advance you won't be charged and will keep the right to make use of your prepaid service later within the time your walking card stays valid.

Payments must always be made in cash and in advance.

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